LAX Admits Miscommunication in Ebola Scare

Airport officials on Monday applauded the protocol that followed an Ebola scare at LAX over the weekend despite some admitted miscommunication.

The false alarm could potentially be the first of many instances where hazmat crews and first responders are called out, ready to protect healthy passengers and rescue sick ones.

A woman on board a United Airlines flight from New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport, had flu-like symptoms with vomiting, but did not have Ebola, officials said.

Airport police told NBC4 on Monday that there was miscommunication early on, saying that no one asked the woman the specifics about her trip. She has been to South Africa, not West Africa, where the Ebola outbreak has wreaked havoc.

While LAPD Fire Capt. Jamie Moore said the incident was a display of coordinated efforts, passengers who dealt with the two-and-a-half hour ordeal felt otherwise.

"There was no coordinated response," passenger Alexandra Dean said. "They kept saying this has never happened before...The captain came on and said there were two government agencies arguing with each other about what to do with us."

Moore said new plans will be put into place Wednesday when the CDC is expected to announce new guidelines on how to deal with the Ebola threat.

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