SoCal Man Remembers Brother Killed on 9/11

It has been nearly 10 years since Brad Burlingame lost his look-a-like brother, Charles, in the Pentagon terrorist attack Sept. 11, 2001.

Charles Burlingame was a pilot on American Airlines flight 77 that day. The "black box" recording recounted how Charles struggled with hijackers Osama bin Laden had sent to take over the jet.

Brad's brother fought hand-to-hand with terrorists for about five minutes before his jet slammed into the Pentagon.

Brad spoke to NBC4 LA's Gordon Tokumatsu Monday at his West Hollywood office about bin Laden finally being taken down. Burlingame is quiet but it was hard for him to hide his anger.

"If I could've swapped places with the Navy SEALS, to help them in their cause, I would've gladly participated in their operation," Burlingame said.

Burlingame said the fact the team members were Navy personnel would have made Charles proud, especially since his brother was an Annapolis graduate and former Navy fighter pilot.

Somewhere tonight somewhere Charles Burlingame is smiling at the sweet irony.

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