List: Low Performing Schools in California

Think of it like a report card for the every school and district. Each state is required to release a report showing how students measure up to state standards and where more work needs to be done.

It’s called the California School Dashboard and has its own website where anyone can look up information by county, by district or individual schools. It shows how students are doing not only in math, English and graduation rates, but also levels of absenteeism, suspensions and parent engagement.

"That way we can recognize who needs help and give them attention," said parent Noemi Ornelas.

By federal law, each district is also required to list the schools which score in the bottom 5 percent. These low performing schools are then eligible for additional resources to help them get up to state standards. Statewide, there are 780 schools on that list, 56 of those are in LA Unified.

"It’s sad that these schools, they need the funding to get the tools they need for kids to be successful," parent Marcia Gonzalez said.

See a list of the schools below.

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