Lululemon Recycles Recalled Pants After Sheerness Outrage

Lululemon Athletica's controversy-plagued pants are in the spotlight once again.

The company confirmed to NBC News that the former recalled pants have been transformed by "innovative upcycling" into "Second Chance Pants" as well as a shorts-skirt combo with the tag "This is what celebrating failure looks like" emblazoned along the backside. The pants cost $92, $6 less than some of its popular full-priced pants.

Business Insider first reported the company selling the new pants.

The pricey yoga pants had come under fire a few weeks ago after customers complained of their sheerness.

The company didn't respond to a request for comment from NBC News about sales of the recycled pants.

But reactions from some consumers on social media websites indicate that the new pants might not be any more popular than the old ones. The new pants have sheer mesh panels that run up along the sides of the legs.

"The mesh comes up so high, I felt kinda exposed…you could see the undies poking thru the mesh on the side," one reader wrote in the comments of a post on

To add insult to injury after the recent complaints, Lulelemon founder Chip Wilson added more fuel to the fire when he claimed that the pants "don't work" on some women's bodies because their thighs rub together, during an interview with Bloomberg TV. 

Angry customers took to Facebook accusing the company of fat-shaming and promoting unrealistic expectations of female body image. An apology video was later posted to the company's YouTube page, but that apparently failed to quell any of the customers' ire.

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