Newport Beach Carousel for Sale on eBay

Opening bid set at $149,999

Thirty jumping horses, eight stationery ponies, two chariots and one big piece of Newport Beach history can be yours for $149,999.

The Balboa Fun Zone carousel has been placed on the eBay auction block. As of Thursday, there have been no bids.

The iconic carnival staple was installed in Balboa in 1985, and although it needs little work, it appears to be in good shape, according to its owners.

The Newport Harbor Nautical Museum, which owns the land beneath the merry-go-round, is not renewing the lease, the Orange County Register reported. The carousel will remain in operation until Sept. 30.

"I have been fortunate to have worked here since 1989 and my favorite thing to hear and see (is) the generations of families who have played here," wrote Fun Zone Ferris wheel and carousel owner, Patrick Moore. "One might think that we take it for granted to work here. On the contrary, in addition to working in such a beautiful place, we appreciate some of the lifetime memories that are being made. I will miss the merry-go-round greatly."

Moore said he doesn't expect the carousel to sell on eBay, but it's worth a shot, the Daily Pilot reported.

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