Missing 15-foot pet python is found in Chatsworth

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Big Mama, a 15-foot python that had gone missing in Chatsworth on the Fourth of July, has been found. 

The Villalta family was searching for her and asking neighbors in the area for help. 

Big Mama was found next door in between two sheds, an area they had already searched numerous times, Alex Villata said. 

Villalta said his neighbor came knocking on his door to tell him he may have found his snake.

"She was very calm, she coiled around me," Villalta said. He took Big Mama back home and gave her a bath.

Villalta said the snake's cage was not bolted and she escaped from her enclosure in the family's backyard.

The family said Big Mama had eaten a rabbit for dinner just before she disappeared. She eats every two weeks, so they had about a week to find her before she went searching for her next meal.


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"The reality is that she's very docile, she's very friendly with humans," Villalta said.

Villata said animals like Big Mama can also get stressed.

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