Motorcyclists Crash Into Crime Scene

A murder investigation turned into a crash scene on PCH

Long  Beach police have more than just a murder on their hands early Wednesday. Two motorcyclists are in critical condition after crashing into their crime scene.

Just after midnight, police arrived to PCH near Long Beach Boulevard to investigate the shooting death of a man found in the middle of the roadway.  They cordoned off about a quarter mile area from Long Beach Boulevard to Atlantic Avenue for the investigation.

A witness said it appears two motorcyclists didn't see the flares or flashing lights in time before crashing into a police cruiser and landing in the middle of the crime scene.  Officers on scene rushed to their aid before paramedics arrived to take the man and woman to the hospital.

The witness said the motorcyclists were traveling fast and attempted to brake, but couldn't do it in time.

PCH remained closed until 5 a.m. Wednesday.  Investigators are hoping surviellance video from a business near the shooting scene may be able to help understand what happened to that victim.

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