Munch a Cake-Sized Ice Cream Cookie, in Anaheim

Azules Coffee is the bakery behind the gorgeous and ginormous treat.

Azule Coffee

What to Know

  • Azules Coffee
  • 732 N. Anaheim Blvd., Anaheim
  • $24.99

Giving your sweetheart the side eye?

You'd never. Nope. There are only looks of love to share, and gooey glances, and... wait. Are they seriously trying to go for a bite of your ice cream cookie? When there are only a couple of bites left?

The answer, of course, is not to unleash the side eye or any harsh stares. Rather, get a bigger ice cream cookie, and if that goodie is basically the size of a cake, or, if you prefer, a whole sleeve of ice cream cookies, made into one giant cookie, well, there's plenty to go around.

That is, if you don't devour Azules Coffee's entire concha ice cream sandwich on your own. The Anaheim bakery has now created a sizable spin on the traditional Mexican concha cookie, complete with a quart of ice cream filling out the middle portion.

Let's type that again, for good measure: A. Quart. Of. Ice Cream.

The dippable chocolate clocks in at a quarter pound, which is also mighty impressive. And the overall result? It's an ice cream cookie that's been multiplied by ten, in the heft department.

No need to cut this $24.99 treat in the manner of a cake, however, though it is very much like a cake in some ways.

Just wrap your hands around it and bite, then pass it over to your honeypie, if they're patiently awaiting their turn with one of Orange County's most picture-worthy, snack-yummy confections.

Churros, pan dulce, and other delectables are availabe at Azule Coffee; check out the sweet-toothy menu now.

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