Ni Hao the Stowaway Kitty Gets A New Home

The kitten who traveled from China aboard a freighter was adopted and is heading to a Redondo Beach home

UPDATE: Ni Hao was adopted Thursday by Kathleen Shaver and Harvey Hettick of Redondo Beach. The couple have two other cats.

"We're happy to give him a home after his ordeal, and we hope that his story brings light to all the animals in shelters that need homes," Shaver said. "He's earned some vacation."

Ni Hao, the Chinese kitten that survived a trip across the Pacific in a shipping container, was set to be taken to his new home this week.

He'll remain close to the sea. A Redondo Beach family will be "pet parents" to the young cat, the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control said Wednesday.

More than 80 applications from around the globe came in seeking to adopt Ni Hao, which means "hello" in Mandarin.

The emaciated kitten was found on July 11 at the Port of Los Angeles inside a freight container that had arrived from Shanghai. He was treated and under quarantine at the Carson Animal Care Center for two months.

The journey and survival made Ni Hao a media darling during his stay at the shelter. Last month, animal control officials held a media day to show off his progress.

Today, his only lingering effects of Ni Hao's stowaway period are a limp due to atrophied muscles, animal care officials told the Associated Press.

Now 5 months old, Ni Hao is a healthy 4 1/2 pounds but may be a "special needs kitty for life," animal control official Aaron Reyes said to the AP.

"He's gone from this shriveled up little kitten with shallow breathing and knocking on death's door to this curious, playful, bouncy, affectionate, patient, little furry kitty," Reyes said.

Ni Hao's new home was chosen after a review of each application, followed by a home visit to the department's top choices.

"We couldn’t be happier with our selection. We know the new pet parents will provide Ni-Hao with the special attention he needs to settle into his new home,” department Director Marcia Mayeda said.

Ni Hao was set to be picked up at noon Thursday.

NOTE: An earlier version of this story gave an incorrect, earlier time for Ni Hao's adoption day.

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