‘It's a Nightmare': Artists for LA-Based Record Label Missing Following Deadly Oakland Warehouse Fire

The two artists are signed to the LA-based 100% Silk record label.

Members of a Los Angeles-based record label are concerned about two unaccounted artists following an Oakland warehouse fire that killed at least 33 people.

Brian Foote, an artist and representative for the 100% Silk record label, is agonizing, like the loved ones of many others, about two artists who were at the warehouse.

"It's unbelievable," Foote said. "It's a nightmare." 

Since the fire, investigators have struggled to enter the warehouse to identify the people who died inside.

"Several of the people were intimate friends of ours who we loved on a personal and creative level," said Britt Brown, co-owner of 100% Silk.

With so many people still unaccounted for, a Facebook page has been set up to post photos and names of the missing, as well as condolences for the victims.

Alameda County Sheriff's spokesman Ray Kelly said that a person being unaccounted for does not mean he or she is dead.

However, Alameda County Sheriff's Sgt. JD Nelson said officials are preparing for about 40 deaths.

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