Meet Misty Noble: NBC4’s Nissan Leaf Winner

A stay-at-home mom with three children, Misty Noble is the winner of a brand new, all-electric Nissan Leaf, courtesy of NBC4 and Nissan.

The win will undoubtedly help the Nobles – a busy family that shares a single car. Noble’s husband drives more than 120 miles from the South Bay to Bakersfield every day for work.

But Noble’s new car is more than just a set of wheels.

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She said it’s her chance to participate in reducing her carbon footprint and battling something she knows well: respiratory disease.

Having grown up in a smoggier version of Los Angeles, Noble suffered from severe asthma as a child. She moved away for nearly two decades and – having been back in the Southland for some three years now – her asthma is gone.

"It’s nice that the air has been cleaned up in the LA area so much, and this is going to help get it even better," she said.

Noble’s home soon will be outfitted – free of charge – with an electric charging system to fuel her new car.

"That was a very pleasant surprise," said Noble, who teased that she may have to unplug her hairdryer to charge the Leaf.

Noble entered for a chance to win the 100-percent electric car via

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