Opening: The Walk-Through Cake

The eclectic, eccentric artwork will include performances, eats.

Presidents Weekend, being one of the major three-day weekends on the calendar, tends to inspire people to finally get around to that home project, whether it is grouting the counter or hanging bedroom curtains or fixing the knob on the backdoor.

Few do-it-yourselfers, however, will be building a 7,000-square-food walk-through cake maze installation over the long holiday weekend, we'll just go ahead and assume. But never fear, if such an offbeat add-on is something you'd like to experience, even briefly: Think Tank Gallery will have one, for four weeks, beginning on Saturday, Feb. 13.

The downtown art space will host "Break Bread," a fresh, fantastical, and seemingly frosting-covered work from artist Scott Hove and Baker's Son, a Los Angeles painter. 

But is the frosting you see truly frosting? Well, of a sort: It's created from "a plaster mixture piped through traditional cake decorators' tools." Neato and nifty, both.

Is the show, being cakey and seemingly sugary and full of pinky sweet hues, something for the kids? Let's just say it has a distinctly grown-up bent, with several happenings geared toward the mature visitor. Exhibit A? Cirque du Soleil's "Zumanity," a provocative performance created specifically for the over-21 crowd, will call upon "Break Bread" with some collaborative art from their "sultry and seductive adult cabaret."

Other doings, from artist talks to a supper club to a lounge created by Homee and filled with Apt2b furniture, dot the calendar. 

If being inside a cake truly makes you famished for something sweet, sob not, however: "Local confectioners" like Sugarfina will be in the house. Er, cake? Yes, they'll be in the cake. The ever-beloved Stumpton Coffee will make a steamy showing, too.

It's a gooey-looking, icing-ethereal way to approach a gallery space, the space in which we consume ideas and art and dance and, yes, dessert. Why should art-displayable walls only be painted eggshell white? Surroundings that mimic frosting surely have a way of pushing our thoughts to more whimsical and weirder pastures.

"Break Bread" is at Think Tank Gallery from Saturday, Feb. 13 through Sunday, March 13. 

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