Pacific Wheel to Rock Live Viola for Valentine’s

Live string music will add a fun 'n fancy air to the famous Ferris wheel.

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What to Know

  • Thursday, Feb. 14
  • Noon to 9 p.m.
  • $25 (two Ferris wheel tickets + a funnel cake)

If you're hearing a viola, while eating, and enjoying a pretty view, you might assume that you're seated at a table boasting a starched linen tablecloth, a table that's next to a lovely window with lovely drapes, and there's gourmet food gracing your plate, the kind that requires a fancy fork with a fancy name.

Why might you assume that?

Because viola music and elegant dining out is a pretty quintessential duo, at least in the pricey-pricey restaurant arena.

But there's a way to get the view, the nosh, and the viola music, too, all while paying twenty bucks, plus a fiver.

That's right, while that fancy fork we mentioned earlier probably costs $25 alone — make that $25 a tine — you can pay that amount and score a ticket for you, and one for your sweetie, on the world-famous, solar-tastic Pacific Wheel on Valentine's Day.

That's not the whole lovey-dovey story, however.

Included in the twenty five bucks you pay for such a whimsical outing? Oh yeah, it's a funnel cake, that mouth-melty classic of pier-based bites. (Yes, you'll be on the pier, the Santa Monica Pier, in fact, the longtime home of the Ferris wheel.)

And providing the viola serenading? Musician Daniel Morris, who will call upon the LED-lined attraction from noon to 9 o'clock on Thursday, Feb. 14.

Adding to it all, as if your love cup wasn't overflowing with such visions, is the fact that the Ferris wheel will rock a light show in honor of the heartsy holiday, with kiss icons, as well as hues in red and pink, adding to the air of amour.

You could, of course, make this the ender of your fancy, tablecloth'd dinner out, with the funnel cake serving as dessert.

Or this could be your whole Valentine's outing, if you and your honeycakes are more experiential in nature, and love the ocean, and love classical sounds played live, and really, really love funnel cake.

And if splitting a funnel cake at a famous Ferris wheel on Valentine's isn't a sign of all-out affection and camaraderie...

End that particular sentence, we must refust to, for this is a sweet and sweet-to-the-budget way to find some Valentine's-style vavoom, complete with ocean breezes and wide vistas to spare.

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