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Parking Ticket ‘Special Treatment'

The NBC4 I-Team exposes how officers ticket you, but give a free pass to government workers doing personal errands

If you park at an expired meter or in a red zone to run into Starbucks, chances are you'll get a ticket.

The NBC4 I-Team has uncovered a double standard by LA’s parking enforcement officers: they’ll ticket you, but they don’t ticket government workers who park illegally to do personal business -- even though they’re supposed to.

[LA I-TEAM GALLERY] Excuses, Excuses: Government Workers Explain Why They Park Illegally When the Rest of Us Can’t

"Government vehicles are not allowed to park in red zones...or 'no parking' zones...while getting lunch or coffee," or while handling personal errands, LA’s Department of Transportation told NBC4. But the I-Team observed workers from at least 15 government agencies routinely parking illegally and not getting ticketed.

That’s because LADOT Parking Enforcement Officers tell the I-Team they’ve been told to look the other way when the lawbreakers are government officials or workers.

"We cannot cite them, under instructions," Officer Jorge Pavon told the I-Team. 

LADOT officials did not respond to the I-Team's request for an interview about this apparent double standard for government workers.

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