Los Angeles

High-Speed Police Pursuit Out of Orange County Races Over 100 mph

A police pursuit traveling out of Orange County at high speeds Monday night ended in Corona.

Newschopper4 Bravo was over the chase, which began after a burglary report, around 10:50 p.m. in the Brea area, as the black pursuit vehicle zoomed on multiple Southern California freeways.

The driver moved on from the 57 Freeway to the 60 Freeway, before taking the 71 Freeway south. The black car was traveling at well over 100 mph, possibly up to 120 mph. 

As the vehicle approached the 71 Freeway and 91 Freeway interchange around 11 p.m., police appeared to deploy a spike strip that flattened at least one tire. Almost immediately, the driver pulled over to the shoulder of the freeway, threw out the car keys, put her hands up and surrendered to police. 

Soon after, another person exited the front passenger side without incident.

Then, a third person got out of the car's back seat, sliding out in an unorthodox manner. A fourth person, another woman, came out of the back seat soon after.

Police cleared the car a few moments later, and no one else was found.

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