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Port Backup Causing Shipping Container Pileup in Nearby Neighborhoods

Port police are stepping up patrols in neighborhoods to try and keep the streets clear.

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The back up at the Port of Los Angeles is now causing a new problem. Warehouses in Southern California are full, so shipping containers are piling up in nearby neighborhoods.

Residents are desperate for a solution.

Residents on Dominguez Avenue near the port of LA in Wilmington put up a barricade and a sign to keep trucks off their street, but their neighbors on surrounding streets say they're fed up.

"People can't get out of their driveways because the trucks are all along the street," said Veronica Acosta, a Wilmington resident.

Acosta says she and her neighbors are tired of congestion on MacFarland Avenue. Trucks carrying cargo from the overloaded port of LA are backing up on their street.

The trucks are trying to unload shipping containers at UCTI Trucking Company, which has a holding lot at the corner near East Anaheim Street.

Area warehouses are full and there's nowhere else to take them. The lot is now so overcrowded, they're stacking containers on top of each other.


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On Tuesday, one of the trucks lost its load while trying to make a turn onto MacFarland, crushing a parked car on East Anaheim Street. Fortunately nobody was hurt.

Some neighbors are even getting into confrontations with the truck drivers.

"I had two trucks coming down here so I beat them to the point where they couldn't come through," said Vivian Martinez, a Wilmington resident.

The owner of the trucking company says he's trying to work with neighbors and even hired a guy to direct traffic.

"He's making sure if the line backs up then he's going to send them up the street and call them whenever they're ready," Frank Arrieran, the owner of UCTI Trucking Company.

A spokesperson for the Port says they're moving cargo as quickly as they can, but on Tuesday there were still 62 container ships sitting offshore at the ports of LA. And Long Beach was waiting to be unloaded. Twenty two more ships are expected over the next three days.

Port police are stepping up patrols in neighborhoods to try and keep the streets clear.

City officials are looking for vacant lots where they move some of the shipping containers to try and ease congestions here in neighborhoods.

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