President Obama Talks About Jobs, Fairness

Large swaths of Beverly Hills was closed to traffic Monday night as President Barack Obama's motorcade departed a pair of  fundraisers in West Hollywood.

His first stop was the House of Blues, 800 supporters paying at least 250 dollars apiece, apparently including one man  who interrupted moments after the President took the stage.
"Christian God is the one and only true living God, the Creator of Heaven and the Universe," shouted the heckler, as the President calmly paused, and waited for authorities to take the man away. Supporters chanted "four more years" as the man was led away.
Once the heckler was escorted out by The Secret Service, the President continued, touting his administrations accomplishments and pitching for another term.
"What this election is about is whether everybody gets a fair shake," said President Obama, "And whether everybody does their fair share. That’s what I've been fighting for since I got to Washington."

Outside, some protesters criticized President Obama for supporting America's overseas wars. Others held placards critical of the Administration for other reasons. But inside, the President tried to stay on message.

"We've still got a long way to go, we've got a lot of work to do," said President Obama. "To make sure every American has a shot at success, I need your help."
NBC4 political analyst Sherry Bebitch Jeffe listened, and concluded that the President may need to do more.

"I thought this was some indication he felt frustrated, wistful," said Sherry Bebitch Jeffe. "He was looking back at 2008 rather than quite frankly looking forward to 2012."

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