EVCup: California Speedway's Quietest Race Ever

The EVCup series will make two stops in California

Stash the earplugs race fans -- the electric vehicles are coming to California Speedway.

The track is usually home to the thunder of NASCAR racing, but it will be all quiet on race day in December when the EVCup -- a racing series for zero emission race cars -- stops in during its innaugural season. The series' calendar, announced this week, includes races at California Speedway and Laguna Seca.

Other racing series have included hybrid, clean diesel and other green technologies on the grid. The American Le Mans Series, which was at Long Beach again this year, features the Michelin Green X Challenge -- a scoring system that awards points for entries that are clean, fast and efficient.

An all-electric series marks something different for motorsports. The series has three classes -- City EV, Sports EV and Prototype EV classes.

The City EV class features race prepared THINK City cars. The other two classes are pure racers. 

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