‘Tip' Left for a Waitress Leads to Fury Online

A bad credit card "tip" is leading to fury online.

A man, whose name we are not releasing until he can respond to NBC4's request for comment, was served at Bamboo Thai Bistro in Redondo Beach, California. His server, a woman in her thirties from Thailand, came back to find a short note rather than a tip on his credit card bill.

It read, "Tip for U.S. citizens only."

"Keep it to yourself!" said her coworker Adison. "It doesn't... it doesn't help anything when you say something like that to someone."

While the man left the restaurant believing that was the end of it, social media thought differently when a photo of the receipt ended up on Twitter.

The photo went viral, with thousands of people weighing in and calling the man out by name, because it appears on the receipt. The server's coworkers said the note was a nasty and mean spirited way to express anger over the hot button issue of immigration.

Commenters online commented that it was strange the man would choose to go to a Thai restaurant if he was so against anyone immigrating to the U.S.


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The woman is here legally and working under a visa. She hopes to get her green card someday to give her two kids a better life.

"She thought it was her fault, that maybe she did something wrong to offend him or something," said Adison.

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