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Riverside Deputy and Daughter Killed During DUI Crash in Moreno Valley

A Riverside County sheriff's deputy and his daughter were killed during a DUI crash in Moreno Valley.

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A Riverside County sheriff's deputy and his daughter were killed by an alleged drunk driver Sunday night.

The daughter had a bright future as a performer and most recently began dancing for Disneyland.

Hannah Jacks and Sylvia Torres were good friends at Hemet High School where they were in theater together.

It's also where Torres says Jacks displayed early signs of greatness when it came to singing, acting, and dancing.

"Sorry I'm going to get emotional already, perfect like you'd never see anybody more perfect," Torres said. "She was smiles, sunshine, and laughter."

According to Torres, Jacks has her sights on show business and she was well on her way. Most recently she got a job as a dancer for the Disneyland Christmas Fantasy Parade.

"The absolute talent is dancing where she excelled like she was an angel walking on ground," Torres said.

Torres says Jacks was also a daddy's girl.

Her father Corporal Daniel Jacks Jr. was a highly respected correctional corporal for the Riverside County Sheriff's Department where he began his career in 2008.

"We got into a discussion one time about how we look exactly like our dads and we were showing pictures and stuff," Torres said. "I said, 'Hannah you look just like him and you look like yours,' kind of laughing we wear our father's faces pretty well."

Tragically Sunday night at around 9 p.m. Cpl. Jacks and his daughter were driving down Gilman Springs Road in Moreno Valley when CHP investigators say they were struck head-on by the driver of a truck.

Both Cpl. Jacks and his daughter were killed in the accident.

The passenger in the black truck was seriously injured and the driver identified as Scott Brandon Bales also survived.

CHP officers arrested Bales for a DUI.

NBC4 learned that the 47-year-old man has three prior DUI convictions.

"He's read what's called a Watson admonishment so that it tells you if you are involved in an accident and you kill somebody you can be charged with murder," said Jason Montez, a CHP officer.

Bales is also facing two counts of murder, accused of killing Cpl. Jacks and his 19-year-old daughter.

"I don't know this is just really affecting the whole dance community and the whole studio right now," said Michelle Galli, a Hemet resident.

The Dancers' Studio in Hemet is where Jacks taught young children how to dance.

"She was very special to me," said Ava Galli, a Hemet resident.

Students are now coming by to bring pictures and flowers for Jacks as they try to cope with the enormous grief of losing someone so special to everyone.

"It's been hard on her, it's been hard on us, it's been hard on everybody," said Lynn Robinson, a Hemet resident.

Bales is scheduled to be arraigned on Wednesday, the same day Jacks would have turned 20-years-old.

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