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Riverside County Man's Work Trailer Stolen From His Home in Hemet

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A man in Riverside County had his work trailer stolen from his home in Hemet. 

The victim has a disability and the recent theft is just the latest in a series of devastating losses.

Nicolas Kefalas loves to work with concrete, a trade he learned from his late father Jay who wanted his son to have the skills to succeed in business because Kefalas has a learning disability and his father wanted to make sure he’d be able to take care of himself.

"He was already retired from doing concrete business but he had his contractors license and he took the time to spend the years with me to teach me to take over his business,” Kefalas said. "With my learning disability it took a lot longer for me to learn everything he was a good man,” he said.

Eight months ago, his father Jay passed away from cancer.

But that isn't the only tragedy Kefalas has endured over the past two years.

“I lost my mom to pancreatic cancer, that was unexpected. All of a sudden she went to the doctor and eight months later she was gone and then three weeks after that my girlfriend died of a stroke in my arms,” Kefalas said. “She had a stroke at home, a brain aneurysm that killed her.”


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Kefalas' girlfriend Ashley was only 37 and his mom Carolyn was 74.

Left all alone, he says he has been concentrating on his concrete business.

"Not really easy but you gotta keep going to work everyday.. life's never fair.

Then last week he suffered another devastating blow, he says two people in a white truck came to his Hemet home and stole a trailer that had a John Deere 320 skid steer tractor on it.

That theft put Kefalas out of business.

"You work your whole life for something and your dad leaves you something behind now it's all gone everything is fine.. all our memories between me and him are gone,” Kefalas said.

Kefalas is now working another job to make ends meet.

He has filed a police report but admits he probably won't ever see his tractor again.

He set up a GoFundMe hoping to raise enough money to buy another one.

With Thanksgiving just days away, Kefalas has a strong message for the heartless thieves.

“I hope you guys go to hell. There's a special place there for you because what you did is you're going around stealing people's livelihoods and you're crippling them. It's like taking food from your family and they can't pay their bills. What's wrong with them?”

Kefalas says just a couple weeks earlier someone stole almost all of his tools. He estimates he has lost about a hundred thousand dollars.

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