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Poor Pooch is Rescued After Getting Wedged in a Window, Drawing Blood

The owner supported the dog on his shoulder as officers worked to free the pooch. Warning: Image below may be disturbing.

Riverside County Department of Animal Services

A German shepherd mix that tried today to jump through a barred window at a Jurupa Valley business became wedged inside the bars, requiring animal control officers to extricate him.

The canine was found about 7 a.m. dangling from the bathroom window at All Car #1 Auto Repair, 8766 Limonite Court, according to the Riverside County Department of Animal Services.

Agency spokesman John Welsh said the pooch may have inadvertently become locked inside the bathroom and attempted to leap outside via the small window, to which an ornamental iron frame is attached, with a heart-shaped bar running down the middle.

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The dog became wedged between the middle bar and left side of the frame, squeezed tightly at the lower stomach, with three-quarters of his body hanging out of the window, facing the street. As he struggled to push through the frame, the dog's stomach was pinched tighter, opening the skin and drawing blood.

Warning: Images below may be disturbing.

The business owner, who lives on-site and keeps the dog with him, called for help, and animal services Cmdr. Chris Mayer and another animal control officer reached the location within a few minutes, Welsh said.

While the owner supported the dog on his shoulder, the officers unscrewed the iron frame and pulled it out of the wall -- and the dog along with it.

"They could not remove the frame from the pooch,'' Welsh said. "The dog had simply wedged himself in too tight.''

The officers took the canine to the nearby Western Riverside County Animal Shelter, and by the time they reached the pound, the dog had wriggled free of the frame on his own, according to Welsh.

Riverside County Department of Animal Services

Veterinary staff performed an examination, including X-rays, to ensure the animal wasn't severely injured, which did not appear to be the case.

Riverside County Department of Animal Services

Welsh said the county agency tapped "Healthy Pet Zone'' funds, which are available for charitable purposes, to pay for the tests.

Riverside County Department of Animal Services

"This was an unfortunate incident, but the pet owner is someone we appreciate for their responsibility,'' Department of Animal Services Director Julie Bank said. "The dog was neutered, currently vaccinated for rabies, licensed and microchipped. An owner such as this is exactly the type we applaud. Using the Healthy Pet Zone funds for this response just makes a lot of sense.''

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