Rooftop Cinema Club Elevates Your Film Night Out

The up-atop-a-building screenings return to DTLA and Hollywood later in March.

What to Know

  • Screenings at Neuehouse in Hollywood begin on March 20 with "La La Land"
  • Screenings at LEVEL in DTLA begin on March 21 with "The Greatest Showman"
  • Tickets available now

Two true things about living life as a SoCaler?

1. Many of us want to be in the movies, and strive for that dream via a host of auditions, readings, classes, studio drive-ons, more classes, and, yes, even big breaks.

2. But all of us who love the movies want our movie-watching experience, if we're heading off the couch and into the world, to have some pizzazz, some panache, some popcorn, and, just maybe a starriness that may be found both on the screen and above.

Rooftop Cinema Club gives us all of that, plus some sweet evening breezes and beautiful moonlight, thanks to the fact that, yes, it actually happens on a rooftop. 

Make that two rooftops, at Neuehouse in Hollywood on Sunset Boulevard and LEVEL in DTLA.

Which means that if you like your movies outdoors, but up at a higher spot, while you rock a pair of wirelss headphones, you've got quite the full schedule to contemplate.


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For Rooftop Cinema Club's March and April flicks are live, as are opportunities to purchase tickets. Up first in Hollywood, on March 20? It's "La La Land," a pretty darn meta movie to catch in Tinseltown.

The next night, downtown? Don your ringleader-style top hat and take a seat for "The Greatest Showman," on March 21.

Also on the March-April schedule, which includes up-to-the-moment movies as well as vintage-flavored throwbacks?

"A Star Is Born," "Creature from the Black Lagoon," "Moulin Rouge," "Enchanted," "Purple Rain," and "Dirty Dancing." Plus lots more to come, as summertime literally heats up.

Good times, good flicks, and a good place to munch on snacks, enjoy a lounge-back deck chair, and occasionally gaze up for any shooting stars.

But don't wait to see a shooting star before snapping up a ticket. There's only so much space on a rooftop, no spoiler alert required, which means that those coveted deck chairs can fill up in a snap.

A bonus? We may be getting a break from these drenchy days, just as the screenings at both locations launch.

Bring on the moonshine and the movies, oh yeah.

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