Seal Beach Flooded, Pounded By High Surf


Seal Beach lived up to its name Wednesday, although even a seal would have found it hard to get around the city with high surf, powerful winds and severe flooding swamping the coast.

Authorities warned residents that conditions were right for tornadoes, too. And the Seal Beach Pier was off limits for much of the day because of 10 foot waves and 50 mph wind gusts.

Coastal residents knew it was coming, and most were prepared.

"The storm combined with high tides is what will really bring the water in," said Seal Beach resident Jack Szczerban. "With several days of rain you don't want to take any chances."

Like many Seal Beach residents, Szczerban has been out lining his property with sand bags, being made available by the city public works department.

Those sand bags were still available Wednesday at the Seal Beach Pier, Fire Station 44 on Central Avenue and at the Public Works Headquarters at 1776 Adolfo Lopez Drive. As of Wednesday afternoon, the city had handed out more than 1,000 sandbags and filled another 150 bags for homeowners who own their own.

Authorities also warned residents that if a tornado hits, they should seek shelter in a basement, cellar, or in an interior room away from any windows. Residents in mobile homes should evacuate their mobile home and find shelter in a sturdier building.

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