Searching For the Next Steve Jobs

CalTech Campus

Steve Jobs dropped out of college. But that doesn't mean the next person to revolutionize the way we do things will do the same thing. And if higher education has anything to do with it, you don't have to travel far to find a place where people dream big. CalTech.

Just this week, a prestigious British survey named the California Institute of Technology as the greatest research University in the world.

Of course, it may be silly to talk about "the next Steve Jobs." Visionaries, as the name suggests, have vision, as in, to see ahead.

Dr. Jean-Lou Chameau, President of CalTech, thinks the next big breakthrough in technology may come in the area where it is most needed.

"Energy, we need a number of 'Steve Jobs' in the energy area," says Chameau. "We need to make a dramatic jump, change the game completely."

Jobs hung around college campuses and took courses he liked, but he never found time to graduate. He was too busy starting Apple Computer at the age of 21. Maybe there's another visionary on a campus somewhere, waiting to take his or her place on the world stage, just like Steve Jobs.

"We look for people, in students, faculty, who we believe have the potential to think outside the box," says Chameau.

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