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Second Effort to Recall DA Gascón Fails

The second effort to recall LA County DA George Gascón has failed after supporters failed to provide enough valid signatures to the registrar's office.

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Supporters of the effort to recall embattled Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón have failed for the second time.

Over 715,000 signatures were summitted to the LA County's registrar's office last month. The need over 566,000 valid signatures to quality the recall for the ballot.

"If we get this to qualify, we have zero doubt that George Gascón will be removed from office in a landslide," said a supporter of the effort.

Supporters of this effort fell short. LA County's Registrar Dean Logan said the effort missed by 46,000 signatures.

Just over 520,000 signatures were valid but close to 196,000 were invalid.

The registrar's office reported that 88,000 signatures were from residents who were not registered to vote, 43,000 were from people who signed twice or more, and 32,000 gave different addresses than where they were legally registered.

The progressive DA who has long disparaged the recall effort as the work of right-wing Republicans said that the failure of the recall campaign who a vindication of his effort at criminal justice reform.

"I think it's time to get back to basics and to get back to work and get back together," Gascón said. "The community expects us to do a job for them and I think that it is important for all of us to put politics aside and get back to work."

NBC4 has not heard from those who put this effort together including the Association of Deputy District Attorneys. There were 800 DA's that were very supportive of the recall.

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