Secrets for Success at the Slot Machine

We have some tips that can give you a better chance for success


Who doesn't want to hit the jackpot?

After all, people come to the bright lights of Las Vegas with big dreams, but is there a secret for success when it comes to slots?

According to gambling expert, Anthony Curtis, the Palms Casino has the loosest slots in town.

"They literally showed me their books, and gaming control confirmed that the numbers were the numbers," said Curtis.

At the brand new Slot Emporium at Palms, a player can win both cash and prizes.

The first and, apparently, only decision needed, how much to spend on each spin?

"That's the big tradeoff. How long do you play, versus how much can you win if you get lucky?" said Curtis. "The strategy is to play as slowly as you can. Whenever I have friends or relatives who want to play slots, I usually direct them more to the old-time machines where you play two or three coins, instead of 300 coins."

And Curtis points out that you are better off with live games then you are with machines, but if you do play with a machine remember, it's just a computer inside there. It doesn't run hot or cold.

"That's just a big myth when it comes to slots and video poker, that a machine can become "due," said Curtis. "It just doesn't happen that way."

So maybe you don't need strategy, or luck, maybe all you need is a nickel.

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