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Like many American business owners, Bill and Kathleen Herren dove into their own commercial venture after seeing an opportunity in the market. Before the Herrens founded American Vision Windows, they were two young parents who hoped to fix a drafty house. 

Seeking an upgrade in window technology, they called local contractors in Southern California. They were not impressed with the process they endured. 

“We started in the yellow pages, and half of the companies didn’t even show up,” Bill Herren said. “They wouldn’t come unless I was home, and that didn’t make my wife happy.”

Finally the Herrens found a contractor, but the process of window installation took three times as long as was originally promised. The windows lived up to the Herren’s expectations and made their house a much more comfortable living space. But the lack of professionalism during the installation process was, in their eyes, unacceptable.

Instead of getting upset, however, the Herrens had an epiphany: if they could raise the professionalism for the installation process, they could help others enjoy quality windows and create a vibrant business. 

“We loved these windows and this product, but we didn’t really like the process,” Kathleen Herren said. “We could come up with a real company feel with professionalism from top to bottom.”

A decade after that decision, American Vision windows has grown into a sizable company with 200 employees and approximately 400 customers per month. The company has installed over 400,000 replacement windows in California, and the Herrens have nearly 30,000 satisfied customers. The Herrens have also expanded their business into other areas of home improvement, such as garage doors, solar energy solutions, heat-reflective home coating and custom interior design.  

As a generous offer through August 31, customers who call 888 GET WINDOWS today receive free window installation, and American Vision will pay the tax on your windows. 

The Herrens haven’t lost their vision for providing personalized service, in addition to a great product. The customer, they believe, should always come first. 

We've been in business for more than a decade, and pride ourselves on being the company known for its commitment to excellence,” says Bill Herren, owner of American Vision Windows. “We'll customize the very best and most cost-effective window and door solution for your needs. You have our word on it.”
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