“WANTED” Billboards Unveiled in Bryan Stow Beating Investigation

Lamar Advertising donated the billboards, which are located throughout Los Angeles and Orange counties

Hundreds of billboards went up Thursday in an attempt to find the men behind the beating of a Giants fan at Dodger Stadium.

Case Background: Police Release Sketches

The red and yellow billboards read, "Wanted: Attempted Murder at Dodger Stadium."

The billboards include sketches and information about the two men who attacked Bryan Stow. The 41-year-old Giants fan was beaten as he walked in the stadium parking lot after his team's season opener against the Dodgers.

"It (helps) us in putting out the information," LAPD Chief Charlie Beck said. "The more this is put forward to the public, the better. I applaud the assistance of anybody who puts this forward."

There have been no arrests in the case.

Lamar Advertising worked with Los Angeles police to develop and approve the billboards. The company donated about 300 billboards, which also mention the $100,000 reward for information in the case and phone numbers to call with information.

The company released the following statement: "We, at Lamar Advertising of Los Angeles, are honored to assist the Stow family and the LAPD, as well as the Dodger and Giant organizations, in the capture and arrest of the suspects in the attempted murder of Brian Stow on Opening Day.  It is our hope that our contribution will help put an end to this tragedy and start the healing process."

The beating occurred March 31. Stow remains in a coma.

Stow's condition has stabilized enough for him to be moved to San Francisco, family members said in an interview Tuesday with NBC LA. The family is now making arrangements to transfer the comatose medical technician to UC San Francisco Medical Center.

"One good tip will lead to these guys, and that would be great," said David Stow, Bryan Stow's father.

The billboards are located throughout LA and Orange counties, with a high concentration of billboards near Dodger Stadium. The actual area covered by the billboards is much larger than shown in the map below, which only displays the area around Dodger Stadium.

The information will appear on digital billboards in Riverside and San Bernardino counties.

Call 877-527-3247 to provide information about the case to police.

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