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Stowaway Says Breaching Airport Security Was “Very Stupid”

A 62-year-old woman accused of breaching airport security and boarding a flight from the Bay Area to Los Angeles without a ticket said what she did was "very stupid," but she did it because she was homeless and desperate.

Marilyn Hartman, who officials say has a history of trying to get on flights without a boarding pass, said she had been trying to reach Hawaii, but did not reveal how she managed to bypass security.

"That is my concern. I don't want to encourage that," Hartman told reporters outside the Airport Courthouse in the Del Aire area Wednesday. "It is wrong and I was raised with very strong American values. I want to make sure our airports are secure and they don't need someone like me giving any hints on how to do (that)."

Hartman, who walked out of court with $4.25 in an envelope, said she meant no harm and was desperate to get away.

"I had been in some pretty awful situations so I took desperate measures," she said. "Homelessness is part of the problem.

"It is by no means an adventure or anything because I could have gotten in much more trouble."

Hartman, who said she is originally from Chicago, pleaded no contest Wednesday to a misdemeanor trespassing charge after being arrested at LAX two nights earlier. She was ordered to two years on probation and three days in jail. She was also ordered to stay away from LAX unless she has a ticket to board a flight, her court-appointed attorney said.

Three times in February, twice in March and at least once in April she tried to board flights at San Francisco International Airport, where she has a restraining order against her, officials said.

"They’ll be on the watch for me so I wouldn’t dare attempt this again," Hartman said with a smile.


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As for security she's encountered at airports, Hartman described it as "excellent" and staff as "hard-working."

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