Street Takeover on Sixth Street Bridge Prompts Closure

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A street takeover on the newly opened Sixth Street bridge prompted the LAPD to shut the bridge down to traffic overnight on Monday.

Skid marks and donuts could be seen all the way across the bridge, and even bike tire skid marks on the pedestrian ramps.

A line of vehicles and smoke are not what the newly reopened Sixth Street bridge was designed for, but it’s happened.

“It is the way things go, there’s positive uses and negative uses and everything in between. I think it’s just the fabric of the city,” said Cameron Mayer, a visitor.  

“It’s a connector and I think just the idea that cars are blocking a bridge that’s truly a connector of the city is just an unfortunate bid,” said Jake Teren, an LA arts district resident.

At one point, LAPD’s street racing task force had to shut down the bridge overnight because there was so much illegal traffic and even people climbing the pillars for portrait perfect photos.

“I understand their excitement about the new bridge and about it opening. The idea of people especially climbing the arches makes me really nervous that someone could get hurt,” said Sherry Carter, a downtown LA resident. 


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LAPD hasn’t responded as to how it plans to keep this bridge from becoming a street take-over hotspot.

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