Surf City Splash: Chilly High Jinks

Hearty types'll again dash into the Pacific Ocean on New Year's Day.

What will you be wearing at noon on Sunday, Jan. 1, 2017?

"Pajamas" is a likely and noble answer. "Pajamas with a paper party hat on my head" is also pretty solid. "Brunch wear" is also acceptable, if you're starting the fresh year off with your besties and a gooey batch of cheesy eggs.

"Next to nothing" is a pick, too, if you find yourself around Huntington Beach, where the annual Surf City Splash impishly reigns, with goosebumps and grins, on the first day of the year.

If you're predicting that we're about to tell you that a bunch of swimsuit-rocking people will dash into the Pacific Ocean promptly at noon, well, you're very good at predictions, and should perhaps make a few more about the year to come.

That's exactly what happens at the long-running fundraiser, which is on its swimsuit-sunny 17th go-around in 2017 (easy to remember, the "17" and "17").

The shivery day's beneficiary is the Huntington Beach International Surfing Museum, and, as has happened in years gone by, there shall be a pancake breakfast earlier in the morning, to give splashers some sustenance before they dash into the chilly waves.

Yes, there is a costume component, but you can just show in your trunks or tankini, if you want. And, for sure, the largest group to show will also receive an appreciative nod. There are, in fact, a number of categories up for "recognition," so peruse all.


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It's twenty bucks, and that nets you some flapjacks as well as the chance to run into the H20. You'll also get a certificate to show you were there and did it.

Like, you actually and honestly and how??? Did it.

Cheekily, and charmingly, the online HQ for the event advises that a certain famous Pasadena event "...isn't until Jan 2 — so there are no excuses not to be at the Splash."

True words.

How's the weather looking? Several days out the report predicts a high in the "low 60s," so best have a fleece or pullover at the ready. And definitely the largest towel you own (and a good friend to have it already open for you once you're back on the beach).

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