Cook Jumps From Grill, Rescues 4-Year-Old Boy From Would-Be Kidnapper

A cook at a taco stand is being hailed a hero after he stopped a man from kidnapping a 4-year-old boy from his nanny.

Jesus Delgado was working the grill at T2 Tacos in Westchester Wednesday when he heard a woman screaming for help.

Delgado sprang into action, running out of the restaurant. The boy's nanny pointed up the street after the man who snatched the boy from her, and Delgado bolted across Manchester Boulevard, the owner of T2 Tacos said.

After chasing the would-be kidnapper for two blocks, Delgado caught up with the attacker and rescued the boy.

"He told me, 'It's not your problem, man. It's not your problem. Leave me alone with the kid.' I said, 'This is my problem. This is my problem, because why you take this boy?'" Delgado recalled.

He held the attacker until police arrived and arrested the 33-year-old assailant from North Hollywood.

Supporters gathered at Delgado’s work place Thursday night, when the boy’s father met the man who saved his son for the first time and presented him with a check.

And now the unsuspecting hero said he has a legion of fans.

"I can't work. Everybody says, 'I want a picture with you!'" Delgado said with a laugh.

By late Thursday night, about $850 had been raised for Delgado, who has a sick daughter about the same age as the boy he saved.

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