Talk About Guts! Store Employee Fights Back Against Robber

      It happened in Fairfield, between San Francisco and Sacramento. Fairfield police said Wing Stop employees got into a wrestling match with an armed man trying to rob the restaurant early Thursday.

     When it was all over, the assailant got away. But the attack itself was captured on surveillance video.

     The employee didn't flinch, didn't hesitate. He is seen on video trying to "brush" the gun out of his face.Then, with the help of fellow employees, he wrestles the robber to the ground. They take off his mask. At first, they try to hold him in the restaurant while they call police. But finally, they let him go out of fear he may have more weapons.   

     Fairfield police said he was last seen running away.

      "The Fairfield Police Department does not advocate struggling with armed suspects unless absolutely necessary to save your life or the life of another person," the department said in a statement. "Being a good witness for police by noting significant details of the crime and the suspect are much more valuable than becoming the victim of a tragic shooting."

     Police said the Wing Stop employees were fortunate that they weren't injured, and they thanked the employees for providing an adequate description of the man.

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