VIDEO: Taxi Driver Hit With Liquor Bottle, Crashes Into Home in Kentucky

A taxi driver in Louisville, Kentucky had no idea what happened when he regained his senses after his vehicle crashed into a home, but surveillance video from inside the taxi caught the violent assault that took place before the crash.

The driver didn't seem to make too much of his customer's request to stop at a liquor store, but that stop provided the passenger a weapon that would be used in a violent attack.

Brian Moss, the passenger, could be seen acting odd with the bottle of Wild Turkey in his hand in the back seat of the cab. Moss appears to be setting up to use the bottle as a weapon, and then, suddenly, Moss uses the bottle of liquor and strikes the driver in the head while the car is moving.

The driver is dazed and knocked out, and he crosses into incoming traffic, narrowly misses a tree and crashes into a home.

After the incident, the driver did not seem to know what happened according to the taxi company, Taxi 7. So, Taxi 7 and the driver reviewed the surveillance video from inside the taxi cab and realized that Moss had struck the driver in the head with the bottle of Wild Turkey.

The company contacted police, who tracked down the homeless man responsible for the attack. Eventually, an arrest was made, and Moss was charged with two felonies for the viscous attack caught on video.

NBC-affiliate Wave 3 contributed to this story.

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