Tearful Boyle Heights Vigil for Missing Woman

Breeanna Guzman has been missing since Dec. 26

People who love Breeana Guzman brought candles and posters to Boyle Heights Thursday night. They were worried about the mother of two, who stepped out for cough drops Monday and hasn't been seen since.

"The last time I saw her was Monday evening," said her mother, Darlene Duran. "She told me she wasn’t feeling good. She said, 'I'll be right back mom.' That was 7:30 on Monday, the day after Christmas. She hasn't come back home yet."

"As of now,  nobody knows nothing," says her friend, Amanda Rios.

Breeana Guzman had walked away from her apartment at Humboldt and Avenue 26, where she lives with her mother and her two young daughters. Thursday night, dozens of people accompanied her mother to the drugstore where Guzman was last seen alive.
"Personally I feel she might have been abducted," says her mom.
As signs go up about her disappearance, Passersby say they're rattled by the Guzman case.
"I really don't believe she ran away," says neighbor Hugo Fernandez. "The holidays, late at night, somebody stupid, drunk, or on drugs, snatched her!"
The Los Angeles Police Department confirms it is working it as a "missing persons case." But all of her friends and loved ones know, it could be something else.

"She only had 5 dollars," says her mother. "Where are you going to go with  five dollars?"

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