Tech Helps Protect Your Passwords From Hackers

Take a second and think about how many passwords you have for online accounts.

Or do you have a single password all your accounts? Either way, hackers are finding ways to corrupt them, stealing cash and identities. Several companies say their new tech will provide you with a secure key to protecting your online accounts.

"I can't imagine someone who's actually making each password that they use completely different," consumer Brian James said.

And more and more, hackers are getting access to those passwords.

"Passwords are weak and that's the bottom line," said Kevin Raineri, vice president of Sure Pass ID, a company specializing in securing online accounts.

He said hackers don't even have to guess at your passwords, there's malware that tracks and records what you type which is why, he said, the fastest-growing crime in America is identity theft.

The solution, Raineri said, are "FIDO keys," which stands for fast identity online.


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They're small USB fobs that fit phones or computers and there are even credit card versions.

FIDO keys use random, encrypted codes that can't be hacked or duplicated.

"It's different every time and it's retired once it's been used," Raineri said.

You can purchase FIDO keys on Amazon and they don't cost much. The problem is like chip card readers at cash registers, not every business is equipped to use the technology.

"Definitely I would like to (use one) because this is something that does come up for me. I got all these passwords, drives me up the wall," James said.

Raineri said to check with your bank and any online accounts you have to ask if they are FIDO key compatible.

He said just like your home, your identity and banking information deserve protection, a responsibility that falls on you.

"You lock your doors you have video surveillance why not do that for your identity and have a key that only you possess?"

Want to know the weakest passwords? Here you go.

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