The Secret to Clear Skin is in What You Eat

It turns out you really are what you eat.

"What you eat has at least 50 percent to do with the condition of your complexion," said Dr. Jessica Wu, dermatologist and author of "Feed Your Face."

Dr. Wu has spent years helping her patients feed their faces.

"It's all in choosing the right foods that are delicious to eat and also good for your skin," Wu said.

She suggests picking beef fajitas over cheese quesadillas, since dairy products are high in hormones.

"Even organic dairy products [like] cheese [are] full of cow hormones that are shown to affect your acne, increase oil glands and make you break out," Wu said.

Animal proteins like lamb, chicken and beef are also good to eat if you are fighting wrinkles. Beef is also high in zinc.

"Zinc is a mineral that helps to fight acne because it is anti-inflammatory," said Dr. Wu.

For smoother skin, throw in some vegetables. If sushi is your dish of choice, cut back on the rice. The body quickly turns it into sugar.

"[Sugar] eats up the collagen in your skin and . . . has been linked to acne."

If you're after healthy hair and nails, Dr. Wu suggested green beans and Volvic water. Both are chocked full of silicon.

How about dessert? Stick to dark chocolate.

"It's high in the flavinol antioxidants that help protect the collagen in your skin and fight sun damage."

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