Los Angeles County Fire Department

Three Trapped Including Dog in LA River Rescue

Three people and one dog were caught in a tree after swift waters rose in the LA River in Cypress Park, the Los Angeles County Fire Department confirmed early Tuesday.

One victim was rescued, and two were in "secure" in trees awaiting rescue as of 8:20 a.m.

One victim trapped in a tree reportedly had a dog.

LAFD reported that air rescue was not possible, so a swift water team was deployed.

Later in the morning, all three victims and the dog were rescued from the trees above the rushing waters.

Heavy rainfall wreaked havoc on SoCal roads and drenched commuters Tuesday morning, contributing to the rising LA River water level.

The Los Angeles County Fire Department launched another rescue later Tuesday morning after reports of two victims became trapped in the San Jose Creek near the 605 Freeway.

Both were pulled from the water and assessed by paramedics.

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