Two More Suspects Arrested in Brutal Beating of 7-Eleven Clerk

Police in Torrance announced Wednesday that they arrested two more suspects accused of brutally beating a 7-Eleven store clerk, leaving him in a coma.

One of the men arrested can be seen on the store’s surveillance video, Torrance police said. It’s not clear if the second man participated in the attack or how he is connected to the crime.

The suspects' names have not been released.

Syed Ali, 49, was attacked after two suspects, a man and a woman believed to be 19-year-old Jordyn Kolone, stole beer from the 7-Eleven. Kolone was arrested last week.

Ali ran after the suspects and was attacked with a beer bottle, police said.

Ali’s family said he wasn't going after the shoplifters to get the beer back, but to try and get a picture of their license plate.

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