Voter Turnout at Car Wash: High

After the mudslinging, what could be better than a free car wash?

Turnout at the polls may have been really low, but you'd never know it from the lines at Studio City Hand Car Wash. Owner Ben Forat offered a free wash for anyone who showed a ballot stub Tuesday, and the lines of cars spilled out onto Ventura Boulevard.

"On a normal day, we do about 250 cars, and today by 11 a.m., we've done 250 cars. So I think were gonna pass 800 cars today," Forat said.

Forat says his regular customers know about his Election Day specials, so the crowds get bigger every time we head to the polls.  And he says that he likes the fact that it encourages people to vote -- he says a lot of people admitted they voted just for the free wash. 

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