Weekend: 120th Golden Dragon Parade

History, pomp, and fortune-fun joy shimmers in Chinatown.

120th Golden Dragon Parade: Major occasions, ones that involve looking ahead and anticipating a fresh and potentially fortune-strewn stretch of time, can make us ponder our place in it all. And this incredibly grand and beautiful expression of the Lunar New Year can also inspire those in attendance to also look back, to the late 1800s, when it all began, all while simultaneously looking forward to the auspicious and happy Year of the Pig. It's nothing short of spectacular, with lion dances, undulating dragons, and cheerful sights aplenty. Where to go and when? The heart of Chinatown on Saturday, Feb. 9.

Bulldog Beauty Contest and National Mutt Show: How to possible judge a bulldog on its best features? Do you count how many kissable face folds the canine boasts? How many snarfles it makes in under a minute? How barrel-like its beautiful form might be? So, so hard, for all bulldogs are beautiful. You'll get to admire lots of them, and a host of other pups, too, at Marine Stadium in Long Beach on Sunday, Feb. 10. That's when these two annual events trundle into our hearts, and plenty of cute competitions, too, for mutts. Has your hound got the best kiss, the best tail, the best ears? Peruse the categories now.

"Sleepless" at the Music Center: How late is late? Does the mere thought of 11 o'clock send you into a fit of yawns? Or are you seeking out new avenues of fun as 2 a.m. rolls into view? This every-so-often hip happening is your jam then, especially if you count yourself among the art-loving late-night set. Music and installations and fashion and oodles more fill out this midnight snack of a celebration, as does a theme each time it returns. And that theme for Saturday, Feb. 9? It's the "Quinceañera Reimagined." "(T)urning the tradition on its head," and pondering its deeper layers, is all a part of the party. Tickets? Yes.

Edwardian Ball: Southern Californians do seek out especially extravagant opportunities to gussy up, and this is one of the extravagantest of the bunch. Look for revelers to get fancy for this Fonda Theatre affair, one that whisks guests back a century (plus a few years). Is there a steampunky vibe with some attendees? Indeed, though some choose to go for a more traditional historical look. Tickets to the "... elegant and whimsical celebration of art, music, theatre, fashion, technology, circus, and the beloved creations of the late, great author and illustrator Edward Gorey" may be discovered by looking here.

Desert X opens: The mondo, far-of-vision art show that popped up in the Coachella Valley in the early part of 2017? The happening that included a host of site-specific installations, including "Mirage," artist Doug Aiken's "mirror house"? It became a darling of both the art world and those devoted to the desert, road-tripping, and ethereal experiences in surprising places. The biennial event is back, beginning on Saturday, Feb. 9, with pieces from Jenny Holzer, Pia Camil, and several other thinker/makers of astounding talent. It's on through April 21, meaning you can catch it during Modernism Week and/or Coachella.

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