We'll Take Four Patties and a Rainbow Bun, Please

The Magical Burger at Trade Food Hall's Ground House in Irvine is quite the quirky nosh.

What to Know

  • The Magical Burger at Ground House Burger
  • TRADE Food Hall in Irvine
  • $27

Even if you vowed to leave your camera in your pocket while eating out from now on, and even if you promised yourself you'd take a break from posting every single plate placed before you in a restaurant, there's no way you're not snapping a photo of the Magical Burger, should you order one at the Ground House Burger at TRADE Food Hall in Irvine.

No. Way. No. How. Nope. All the nopes. Nope to infinity.

Because the magically monikered meal is a towering concoction that has several notable qualities all simultaneously demanding our attention. 

Notable thing No. 1?

The bun, of course, which is difficult not to mention first. It's got all sorts of colors going, beyond the traditional sesame-seed'd beige of your standard burger bun.


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It's a downright chromatic noshable, a foodstuff more likely to be seen during the dessert course.

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Which leads us to notable thing #2, the fact that a dessert element is present in the Magical Burger: Sprinkles and Lucky Charms marshmallows, both.

If you like your sweet with your savory, well, you may have to prove it, by eating a burger speckled in the sorts of products normally seen on ice cream sundaes.

And when we say "burger," we mean "burgers," for there are FOUR patties included in the Magical Burger, which leads us to notable thing #3.

A four-patty'd burger would be unusual on its own, but a four-patty'd burger speckled in tiny marshmallows and sprinkles and housed in a rainbow bun is a jaw-dropper.

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Keep that jaw dropped, or don't, it's up to you. But the price? It isn't going to be what you find at your hamburger stand down at the corner. The Magical Burger is $27, but when you consider it has four patties, well, that's seems more fitting. 

Also fitting? There's banana ketchup aioli guest-starring on this behemoth of a burger, because of course there is and should be.

Also fitting? How photographable it is, if you're looking to break your promise of no more food pictures.

And if there was every a treat to break that promise with, it has to be this behemoth of a bright burger, a swirl of fanciful fun with a hearty, tum-filling, four-patty'd center.

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