Wild Winds Whip Through Southern California

Strong winds roared through Southern California Monday night

Wind caused several trees to topple over in Southern California.

One fell on south Wall St in South Los Angeles. It landed on top of a house, injuring one person inside.

Another large tree in Beverly Hills landed on several cars when it could no longer stand up to gusty wind. No injuries there, but plenty of damage to cars parked on N. Palm Dr near Alden.

In Palm Springs, winds continued to whip, forcing Indian Canyon to remain shut down. The main street from the 10 freeway is just one of several streets that had to be closed to traffic Monday when blowing sand reduced visibility to nearly nothing.

Blowing dust and dirt was also a driving hazard in the Antelope Valley, where one mobile home was destroyed in seconds.

Streets remained closed early Tuesday in Lancaster. Avenue K was closed between 50th Street East and 55th Street East in  Lancaster, along with Avenue H from 38th Street West to 50th Street West,  according to a sergeant at the sheriff's Lancaster Station.

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