World Record! Silver Lake Tattoo Artist Inks 875 in a Day

Jeremy Swan keeps it buzzing all night long and sets the world record

On Friday the 13th, Swan began the "buzzing" at his Silver Lake tattoo parlor and when the ink settled and the energy drinks were emptied, hundreds of Angelenos gave a place on their body to ink Jeremy Swan into the record book.

Swan, the owner of Broken Art Tattoo, set the world record for most tattoos inked in a 24-hour period. The old record was 801: ERASED. Swan's record is now 875, which is about a tattoo every minute and a half.

Ordering ink, getting the word out, and making sure there were enough people willing to participate at all hours of the day and night were just some of the things Swan had to worry about in the days leading up to the event. But during the event it was a total different beast, according to

No Guinness staff were on site, but the process must be rigorously documented with a security time lapse video, registered nurses or EMTs on hand to observe, take notes and render aid if needed, photos of each tattoo, and a copy of every participant's photo I.D. And to boot, each item and every photo of a tattoo, must be notarized individually.

Swan wrote on his blog prior to the record-setting night to "make a commitment and come to Broken Art Tattoo." Now, Swan can rest easy as LA made the commitment to ink their bodies and not just show up to his shop?

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Below is live footage recorded at the event:


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