77-year-old Long Beach Woman Celebrated for Feeding the Homeless, Hungry

Alice Robinson, 77, also known as Ms. Alice, has been serving her favorite recipes to those in need.

A Long Beach woman is celebrating her 12th anniversary serving home-cooked meals to the homeless and hungry in Long Beach.

Alice Robinson, 77, also known as Ms. Alice by neighborhood friends, has been serving her favorite recipes to those in need. Yams, collard greens and fried chicken are some of the monthly fixings she serves each first Wednesday of the month.

"Everywhere I go everyone always recognizes me as feeding, and I like that," said Robinson.

At a recent anniversary celebration, neighborhood friends gathered to honor Robinson's generosity.

"I consider Ms. Alice like many of the older families here in Long Beach who were so willing to give to a person who's in need-- as angels," said Rodney Colter, a neighborhood friend. Robinson's son,

Randall Robinson, said he never understood his mother's generosity, especially when their family always struggled financially.

"As a kid my mom would always help people out, do stuff for people and loan people money," said Randall Robinson. "She used to always tell me, 'God will bless me for it.' "

Alice Robinson, who moved to Southern California from the South, credits her Southern hospitality to her mother. "Everybody that came to our house never left hungry. She would always feed them and I thought, maybe one day I'll do that," said Alice Robinson.

Supporters of Alice Robinson say they belive she's served about 11,000 meals.

On a fixed income of $840, Alice Robinson pays for most of what she cooks, and says she will continue to cook for those in need as long as she can.

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