Los Angeles

Los Angeles LGBT Center Opens New Campus

The Los Angeles LGBT Center opened its doors to its newest campus on Sunday, the Anita May Rosenstein Campus.

This center is the world’s largest LGBT organization.

"We are immensely proud that the Anita May Rosenstein Campus allows us to greatly expand our services, especially to LGBT seniors and youth," said Los Angeles LGBT Center CEO Lorri L. Jean. "The Campus is proof that a committed group of people who have the audacity to dream big and work hard are capable of creating something the world has never seen, something that now stands as a testament to the fact that we will not turn back in our march toward full equality and humanity.

The two acre campus includes 100 beds for homeless youth, a new community senior center, a youth drop-in center, a youth academy, and more.

This center aims to offer resources to LGBT youth as well as seniors.

There are plans to transform the center’s current headquarters into a health center and conduct a second phase of construction on the campus which is set to open in mid-2020, according to Gil Diaz, Media and Public Relations director.

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