Los Feliz Resident Survived 1985 Mexico City Earthquake, Fears for Family After Recent Temblor

Sylvia Solis, owner of the Mexico City restaurant in Los Angeles, recalled identifying her cousins in a makeshift morgue in a gym after the 1985 temblor in Mexico City.

After surviving the powerful 8.0-magnitude earthquake that devastated Mexico City in 1985, one Los Feliz restaurant owner is fearing the worst after the recent magnitude-7.1 temblor hit the area Tuesday, making it difficult for her to get a hold of her family in Mexico City.

Sylvia Solis, owner of the Mexico City restaurant in the 2100 block of Hillhurst Avenue, is trying to get in touch with her aunts, friends and 85-year-old great aunt. Several of her employees are in the same predicament.

"Right now, we're just holding on and hoping that everybody's okay," Solis said.

The deadly quake she survived struck exactly 32 years prior to Tuesday's temblor, which has led to at least 200 deaths. Two of her cousins were killed in the 1985 earthquake after being crushed to death in a building.

"They say lightning doesn't strike twice," she said. "But it did."

The Los Feliz resident recalled the frightening earthquake as a horrible event that caused her to identify her cousins.

"It was truly awful," Solis said. "I had to go into a makeshift morgue to identify my cousins."

The improvised morgue was set up in a gymnasium.

She said she hopes she won't have to go through that again.

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