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Caught on Video: Man Attempts to Break into Studio City Home

Cameras were rolling as a man attempted to break into a Studio City home early Sunday morning, on Aug. 5.

The suspect attempts to get into the home after watching a woman go inside moments earlier, near the corner of Moorpark Street and Colfax Avenue.

Following the incident, the homeowners have been very vigilant, making their own flyers and posting on their "Next Door" app about this attempted home invasion.

The woman in the video is a cousin of the home owners, and she was visiting from out of town. She was coming home after a late night out, and a man can be seen attempting to break into the home minutes later.

The Ring doorbell video captured the woman arriving at the home at approximately 3 a.m.

On the video, the suspect can be seen walking past her as she enters the door, so he seems to know that someone is home. Once their cousin is inside, 27 minutes pass, and then the man shows up outside their doorstep.

"If you notice on the first part of the video, he watches my fiancé's cousin come in," the homeowner says, wishing not to be identified for safety concerns. "And it just kind of changes the lens, when he knows that there is someone inside."

On the video, the man boosts himself up on their wall, possibly peering in through a window, or trying to climb over. Then he wraps his hand with his sweater as he tries the doorknob in what appears to be an attempt to avoid leaving fingerprints.

"We don't know what he could have done," one of the people who lives in the home, who was also inside, says. "He could have hurt all of us. He could have had intention to take advantage of a girl, to take advantage of any of us. You don't know."

Thanks to their surveillance system, the home owners were notified that someone was outside, so they called the police. Police officers searched the complex, but the man disappeared.

Now, the couple is trying to warn others with posters and online posts.

"My fear is that, I don't want anyone to worry that they didn't lock their door correctly behind them," one of the homeowners says. "Or what if they meet up with this guys when they go jogging? So yeah, we want this guy found."

A lot neighbors in the complex have the same Ring branded doorbell cameras, too. The neighbors tried to match up timelines to see how long this guy was lingering around and to see if there are any more clues that may help find the suspect.

Police are also investigating to see if this man is connected to any other crimes in the neighborhood.

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