Man Suing After Woman Tosses Coffee in His Face

A man who captured the moment when a woman threw coffee in his face announced Friday that he will take legal action against his attacker.

Miguel Sánchez says Rhonda Michelle Polon threw the coffee at him last week as he was working at a Culver City apartment complex where she resides.

Sánchez, who is Mexican, alleges that Polon began insulting him for no reason and would not let him into the apartment where he was supposed to be working due to his being a Latino.

Sánchez said he initially did not plan on pressing charges, but he changed his mind after his wife received a threatening Facebook message from a page supposedly belonging to Polon.

Both Sánchez and his lawyer say they're not looking for money from the lawsuit; they just want to ensure the safety of Sánchez's family and of others.

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